Special Christmas Newsletter - Wavefalls, International Awards and 500 Million Years of Geomorphology and More...



 Survivor, Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Hello, I hope your end of year planning is going smoothly.  Only 3 weeks until Christmas in a year that has flown by for all of us!


Order Deadline for Christmas Orders

I thought I'd mention upfront if you'd like to order a print and have it delivered before Christmas, please place your order no later than Friday 9 December, 2011.  Orders later than this will still be processed as quickly as possible, but I just can't guarantee delivery before Christmas for them.


This is one of my bigger newsletters with some exciting news:

- 7 New Image Releases as part of Phase 2 of my Flinders Project

- 3 New Image Releases from Merimbula, NSW 

- 4 Awards received in the 2011 International Loupe Awards

- 3 New Print Sizes for all Limited Edition Prints

- 2 New Canvas Printing Options for all Limited Edition Prints



500 Million Years of Geomorphology, Flinders Ranges, SA


Flinders Project Phase 2

Phase 1 of the project was completed over late October and early November.  I thought I'd share some of the highlights:

- over 200 hours scouting and shooting over 33 consecutive sunrises and sunsets shoots in 16 days

- 6,000 kilometres of driving (over a third on dirt)

- 50 rolls of film, 2,500 shots on my Canon

- 2 storms, 1 night cutoff from accomodation due to flooding

- a lot of great stories

- most importantly, some stunning imagery.


I've been working hard to bring you the 7 new image releases which make up Phase 2 of the project.

I'm also pleased to release 3 new ocean images from Merimbula on NSW's beautiful South Coast.

Click here to see the new Flinders Ranges and Merimbula images



4 Awards Received in the International Loupe Awards

I entered the awards this year and was happy to receive 4 awards including 2 Silver Awards.  This is one of the bigger international photography competitions, and it's great to receive recognition from judges representing countries from all over the globe.



Stretched Canvas Printing Now Available for all LEPs

I've now made Canvas Prints an option for all my Limited Edition Prints.  Canvas Prints are a great way to experience Limited Edition Prints due to their textured look.  To make it easier to preview what your preference is, I've created canvas previews of how your print will look for the two options:


Wavefalls, Merimbula, NSW - Stretched Canvas Print

Stretched Canvas Print (preview above) - the image is printed on a beautiful textured canvas printing paper based on tests I've done personally.  The print is then wrapped around a custom 40mm deep wooden frame and is ready to hang on any wall.



Wavefalls, Merimbula, NSW - Canvas Print Only

Canvas Print Only - if you order this option, you'll receive the canvas print only, and can choose to stretch or mount it how you like.


How to order Canvas Prints:

Just go to any image and click either "Stretched Canvas Print" or "Canvas Print Only", select your size and click "Add to Cart".


3 New Print Sizes

Previously, my smallest Limited Edition Print size for each image ratio was:

Panoramic 3:1 ratio - 30x10" (76x25cm)

3:2 ratio - 24x16" (61x41cm)

Square 1:1 ratio - 20x20" (51x51cm)

The 3 smaller sizes are below:

Panoramic 3:1 ratio - 12x4" (30x10cm), 18x6" (46x15cm), 24x8" (61x20cm)

3:2 ratio - 9x6" (23x15cm), 14x9" (36x23cm), 18x12" (46x30cm)

Square 1:1 ratio - 7x7" (18x18cm), 11x11" (28x28cm), 15x15" (38x38cm)



Please contact me if you have any questions about prints, and I hope you enjoy the new images.


Best regards,




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