Road to Machu Picchu (1), Inca Trail, Peru

Road to Machu Picchu (1), Inca Trail, Peru

In this image, you are looking down the valley most people climb on the second (and hardest) day of the Inca Trail.  You start way down at that tiny bit of greenery, barely visible, at 2,800m.  From the very first step, it's uphill for hours, climbing 1,400 vertical metres to this viewpoint named Dead Woman's Pass at 4,200m.  The air is thin.  You walk slowly.  Every step requires a full inhale and exhale.  The reward is this view back down the huge valley, the stone path (you can see it down the bottom, slightly right from the middle) and up to the 5,500m+ mountain behind it.  I wanted to capture the rugged terrain out of respect to the Inca people for their ability to live high in the mountains and building this amazing stone path network. 

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