Machu Picchu Inca City, Peru

Machu Picchu Inca City, Peru

When we came to the end of the Inca Trail, we were a little disappointed at first as we couldn't see anything but fog - it was a complete whiteout.  Thankfully however, the fog proceeded to lift as I patiently waited.  Patience really did pay off here, and what a grand finale to completing the Inca Trail.  The challenge for me was wanting to capture the feeling I had at the time - that I had travelled back in time temporarily.  This magnificent city inspired me through the Inca people's culturally rich heritage and quality of stone engineering.


Limited Edition Size:  150 


- Silver, 2011 Australian Professional Photography Awards

- Bronze, 2011 International Loupe Awards

- Bronze, 2011 Epson International Pano Awards

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