Cerro Fitzroy, Los Glaciares National Park,  Patagonia

Cerro Fitzroy, Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia

This image was shot after having set the alarm for 1.45am to start walking start from our accommodation in El Chalten at 2am with 2 friends and a headlamp each.  After passing a skunk on the way up, the vague outline of Cerro Fitzroy became bigger and more real as the morning light took over the darkness of the night.  This was a morning where the adrenalin side of landscape photography (yes, there is one) almost cost me a dangerous fall down the icy slope you see in the image.  Luckily I was talked out of my irrational desire by a line I'll never forget from my friend James "Chris, I can't believe you're even contemplating going down there".  Had I been photographing on my own this morning, the day may have turned out very differently.  The result was an acceptance to go for a higher viewpoint for this shot and I was stunned with the result - again, thank you James for the reality check.

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