Glacial dawn, Blue Lake, NSW

Glacial dawn, Blue Lake, NSW

It doesn't get much better (nor colder) than this in Australia.  I awoke to one of the coldest nights of the Winter at -10ºC - a harsh reality when you unzip the sleeping bag at 5am - at 1,900m ASL.  The lake completely freezes over during Winter with plenty of thickness to walk, ski or snowshoe over.  You wouldn't want to fall through at freezing temperatues and a depth of 28 metres.  It's also the only place in Australia you can ice climb.  I wanted to capture the beauty of one Australia's most important National Parks.  In a 150º panorama of the 16 hectare lake and surrounds, I captured the dawn glow coming from the right, lighting up Mount Twynam on the left.  The sky then graduates to the earth's shadow on the left which creates the light blue and magenta colours only seen when the sun is below the horizon.  This is the only time of day when these beautiful soft colour tones across the snow are created.  There was also no wind - I have never experienced such absolute and eery silence as being in an alpine area above the tree line.

It was a very memorable and powerful experience.

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- Bronze, 2012 Epson International Pano Awards

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