Plug: Continent Eight - Web Developers


This is a short blog post about thanking Continent Eight, the web developers who built this website.  This isn't some cash for comment post, I just like their work and hope others needing a website designed and developed can utilise their services as I did.


Continent Eight's slogan:


"We design and develop really, really, ridiculously good looking websites."


As someone who had no experience in websites or HTML, I needed someone to help convert my rough website idea into a site that worked, fulfilled my requirements and looked great.  Bao from Continent Eight also had the pleasure of answering about 3,000 of my annoying questions and requests for minor changes!  But thankfully he patiently answered each of my emails and helped me understand the technical side of things.


I recommend Continent Eight to anyone who needs a professionally designed and developed website.


For some other examples of their work, checkout:


To contact Continent Eight, write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Best regards,



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