New Portfolio Release: Queensland

As we come into Summer (in the Southern Hemisphere), I'm pleased to release my new Queensland Portfolio containing 3 beautiful images. As with all new releases, this represents a unique opportunity to purchase single digit numbers (1-9) of the limited edition size of 150 only.

Click here to view the Queensland Portfolio:

New Portfolio Release: Queensland

Rainforest meets Reef, Cape Tribulation, Queensland

This is a unique part of the world where the tropical rainforest of far north Queensland hugs the land all the way up to and into the water at this beach.  I feel this image captures the sense of being here - warm and humid air currents combine with the lush rainforest on this wide, open beach with views of the reef and its turquoise coloured surrounding water.

Calm Waves at First Light, Queensland

Queensland has hundreds of world class beaches, but on this occasion I wanted to explore the relationship between just the water and the sky, with a hint of some calm waves quietly breaking onto the sandy beach.  My aim with this image was to give a feeling of solitude - space and time to think clearly, without distractions.

Tropical Sunrise on Clifton Beach, Queensland

On what I thought would be another eventless overcast morning after Spring rain, I went for a walk on Clifton Beach.  What a morning walk it turned out to be!  As the sun slowly made its way above the horizon, some incredible colours and tones developed as the sky began to clear  Every time I view this image, it makes me want to return to far north Queensland.

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