New Image Release: Sunrise on Viwa Island, Fiji



New Image Release
I'm pleased to release the
first Fiji image to my collection, titled "Sunrise on Viwa Island".


Sunrise on Viwa Island Video

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New Image Release:

Sunrise on Viwa Island, Fiji


Sunrise on Viwa Island, Fiji

(pictured with a black mat and rustic timber frame)


Image Description

Located approximately 100km off the main island Viti Levu, Viwa Island is a true secluded tropical island paradise.  There are two small villages on the island which you can arrange to visit for a brief insight into their simple, relaxed and culturally rich lifestyle.  The rest of the island is natural vegetation.  One Fijian mentioned there was another beach worth going to, aside from the main one.  He told which direction it was, but getting there was another challenge.  After two failed attempts at finding a way through the dense forest, I found him again to ask for some more clues.  He kindly showed me the way as he said, after all with a laugh, "it's all good, we're on Fiji-time man".  The next morning, I was able to find this path in complete darkness and was lucky enough to capture a rare sunrise (many mornings were overcast) over the beach.  I wanted this image to be a reminder to us, that it's important to appreciate simple pleasures every once in a while, amidst the pace of our everyday lives.


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