New Image Release: Dawn-kissed rocks at Mossy Point, NSW



I'm pleased to release this new image from Mossy Point, NSW:



Dawn-kissed rocks at Mossy Point, NSW



Image Description

Mossy Point is a picturesque spot on the NSW South Coast and offers wide sweeping views over its beach.  When doing my scouting the previous day however, I was more interested in how the sun would light the rocks at the North end of the beach.  After negotiating my way over the sharp rocks and crabs with my headtorch, I got to the spot I wanted, and waited.  As I had hoped, it was a clear morning with no cloud on the horizon.  The warm dawn light coloured the rocks which made for a beautiful mix of colours.






(pictured with a black mat and brushed silver frame)




Upcoming Trip to South Australia

Well after a long wait I'm going on my next medium length photo trip in a week.  First I fly to Adelaide this Saturday to attend The Nikon Event, the second annual national photography conference organised by the AIPP.  Yes there will be Nikon cameras there, but Nikon is just the sponsor.  It's actually a great opportunity to hear some excellent speakers and photographers from the industry, meet more photographers, catchup with those I already know, learn new things and above all have fun.  Sorry Nikon, until you release an equivalent Canon 5D Mk ii for the price, I'll be shooting Canon for a while yet.  And until Canon releases something which can top the resolution of my Linhof Technorama panoramic film camera, I'll also be shooting Linhof!


Anyway, getting off track there, the major highlight of the trip after The Nikon Event will be jumping in the car and slowly heading North to the Flinders Ranges.  I've haven't even been to South Australia yet, and from what I've already seen, the Flinders is going to be both exciting and intimidating to capture at the same time.  The sheer size of the area will present too many opportunities than I can capture, so some tough decisions will have to be made about where to be and when.  I then do the long drive back from South Australia to Canberra (1,400km) around mid November, crossing my fingers that I've captured some magic from the Flinders. 


Wish me luck!        


Best regards,





#1 Hugh 2011-10-19 16:02
Sounds rad moz. Im sure that drive will be a breeze in in that rusty beat up Subaru u own. Can't wait to see what u come back with

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