Happy 2011 to you! A Chance to Look Back and Forth...



Milford Sound, New Zealand


Happy New Year to YOU!  2011 will be an awesome year.


Reviewing 2010...


2010: Learn, Create, Launch.


These are the best 3 words I can think of to sum up an exciting 2010 and a year of significant change.  Chris Morrison Fine Art Landscape Photography and www.chrismorrison.com.au were launched in June 2010.  It's worth taking a moment to look at some numbers to help quantify what's achievable in terms of reach, via the internet.


Countries which visited my site:  140


140!  Imagine trying to acquire this sort of attention to your site 20 years ago before the internet - it simply wasn't possible without enormous investments in international mass media advertising campaigns.


Cities which visited my site501

(including hundreds I've never heard of!)


Browser Languages:  40

(I found it interesting German was number 2 to English, perhaps due to the German camera I use?)


Total Site Visitors since June 2010:  over 35,000


Global Visitor Map (darker colour = more visitors, white = 0):



Snapshot of a random 1000 Visitors:




2011: Create, Connect, Grow.


These 3 words sum up my photography plans for 2011.  I want to continue to create the best art I can, build further connections with more people who have a shared interest, and grow - both as a person and a business in order to take Chris Morrison Fine Art Landscape Photography to the next level.


I'd love to hear about your stories and achievements in 2010 too - I'm sure they were quite remarkable when you take a moment to look back on them all!


Here's to 2011 and making it the most memorable year yet.


And always remember - keep taking photos to capture these moments as you go!


Best regards,



Note: to start 2011 with a bang, the first new image for 2011 will be released shortly.





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