Frameless Aluminium Mounting Now Available



After much research on this beautiful, slick and modern mounting method, I'm pleased to announce:



(click above to see example for High tide at sunrise on North Avoca Beach)

Available for all Limited Edition Prints.



I can honestly say this mounting method is perfect for those who prefer a more contemporary look in their home or office.  The method starts with the image being printed on beautiful high gloss FujiFlex paper, then print is mounted on 3mm anodized aluminium and then covered with a optically clear protective laminate.  The whole process is archivally sound and hence why it's also referred to as 'Archival Gold'.


I personally love this look for some images, and for other images I prefer the prestige of a traditional frame.  But everyone has their own personal taste, so I'm just happy to offer you another option if you're interested in purchasing a Limited Edition Print.


For those of you who visited my recent exhibition where I trialled this mounting method, the feedback spoke for itself.  Again here is a stitched shot of 6 of my frameless aluminium mounted prints:




Best regards,




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