Chris Wins AIPP ACT 2012 Epson Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year



Flinders Ranges, South Australia


Winner: AIPP ACT 2012 Epson Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year


I wanted to take the opportunity to share some great news!


I attended the NSW/ACT 2012 Epson Professional Photography Awards dinner last night in Sydney at the Crowne Plaza.  Having watched the prints being judging the previous day, I was aware of some great results for individual images, but I knew it was going to be close as the standard was very high from both ACT & NSW photographers - across all image categories.


Of course, choosing to specialise in my true passion, the Landscape category was of most interest.


My Results

I entered 8 prints.  7 prints won awards.  I won my first Gold Award at state level, 4 Silver Awards with Distinction, and 3 Silver Awards.  The top 4 scoring prints then automatically count toward being a possible photographer for winning the category, which is then judged separately.  This was certainly a personal best for me in terms of achieving my highest total and average scores for my prints, and resulted in winning the Landscape category.


This means a lot to me having won the category in 2010, and just missing out on entering last year due to planning and logistics issues (aka wedding and honeymoon!).


Some thoughts

It's also a chance to reflect on how focus and persistence can pay off, and having the courage to follow through with your own original vision.  Yes, of course we all gain inspiration from each other, but every one of us has a vision of the world which no one else does, and I think it's great to remember this from time to time.  This applies not just in photography, but in every industry and context.  If we can find a way to share and bring this vision to life, the world becomes a better place.



As mentioned in my brief thankyou speech, I want to again thank my uber-supportive wife Jules, and for 'allowing' me to travel away from her for 3 weeks in October 2011 to do the Flinders trip, on which the winning images were shot.  I'd also like to thank all of you who inspire me with the great things I hear you are doing as well.


Finally, thanks to the volunteers and staff who ran the NSW/ACT 2012 Epson Professional Photography Awards.  It is a complex event to organise and to the end user (in my case, the photographer), it was seemless and efficient.  As always I learnt a lot from the judges' commentary and peer feedback.


The Winning Images

I like to save the best until last, so I'm proud to bring you my 8 print entries below.


3 images of the 8 images are already published on the website, and I will release the other 5 as Limited Edition Prints onto the website shortly.



Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Survivor, Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Wavefalls 2, Merimbula, NSW



Gorge of Serenity, Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Flinders Ranges, South Australia




Flinders Ranges, South Australia




Best regards,




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