Chris Morrison wins 2 Awards at the 2010 Australian Professional Photography Awards...


With excitement and anticipation I flew to Melbourne for the annual PMA Australia Digital Life Expo which alternates between Sydney and Melbourne. This event also hosts the annual Australian Professional Photography Awards which I entered this year for the fourth time, but attended for the judging for the first time.


APPA Judging

I was very impressed by the world class judging process.   About 2,500 prints from about 850 professional photographers are judged in 3 rooms over 3 days by many different judges.  The landscape category alone took 3 rooms, 20 judges and 4 hours to complete judging. Each print is scrutinised under bright lights and the close eyes of 5 judges before each judge enters their score into their touch pad.  The average of the 5 scores is taken as the final score for the print and all scores are displayed for the public to see.  If there is a large score range the highest and lowest judges must verbally justify their scores and then each judge rescores.   Meanwhile each image being judged in the other 2 rooms is displayed on a large screen so you won't miss your prints being judged.


Being the first year I've attended the judging, it was a very valuable experience to witness the process first hand, hear judges comment on my prints and see lots of excellent prints from many photographers.   It's a very subjective process and this is simply the nature of photography.


My 2010 APPA Results

I was very happy to receive these 2 awards:


Silver with Distinction Award

Sunrise on Cuernos del Paine over Lake Pehoe,

Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia


 (click for larger preview)


Silver Award

Dawn behind the Eiger, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

 (click for larger preview)


2010 Winners Gallery

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