What is Fine Art Landscape Photography?


Is it just a term that's as descriptive as labelling something 'art' or 'arty'?


Why do I use these terms?  Because I believe my photography is fine art photography.  I believe there is a difference, and I'll attempt to tell like it is, in English instead of artglish:


"Fine art" means you care that little bit more about every part of the process.


I'm not just talking about technique either.  Anyone can go and blow their life savings on the latest digital medium format camera and impress their friends with the sharpest images ever! What I'm talking about is evoking an emotional response from people.  I would like to refer at this point to Ken Rockwell's Humurous 7 Levels of Photography.  I read this article a few years back and could instantly relate so many different types of photographers to the definitions.  The point I'm making is that there's so much more to photography than knowing how to use the tools, just like the cricket bat didn't make Don Bradman, the golf club doesn't make Tiger Woods, the pen doesn't make the writer and the camera doesn't make the photographer.


When did I start looking at my work as fine art photography?   I got to a point where I realised people weren't interested in the mediocre.  Everyone suffers from information overload everyday and much of this information arrives in the form of images.  What makes my photos any different to the millions we see each year?  These questions forced me to go beyond what I thought was 'good' and seek to make my own images I believed captured the best of a landscape at a given moment.  My whole approach to making images changed, from conceptualisation to final presentation.  Every detail in this long process must relate to the goal of the final image. From this point on, people started to do a double take on my images and I knew I was onto something.


I have talked about the definition, so now it's time for an example:

Sunrise on Glasshouse Rocks, Narooma, NSW Sunrise on Glasshouse Rocks, Narooma, NSW


This image was one of the first I considered to be fine art photography.  My opinion was backed up by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) in 2007 too when it received a Silver Award at the 2007 Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA).


In summary, fine art photography still means anything to everyone.  The challenge is not to waste time pointlessly arguing the definition, rather the challenge is finding out what it means to you.  And as with all art forms, if you like it, that's all that matters.


Thanks for reading, I hope this was useful. 

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Best regards,

Chris Morrison



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