Now Available: Framed Print Previews (and more...)


Machu Picchu Panorama, Peru

I'm excited to announce we are now providing customised framed previews for all Limited Edition Prints on my website.


What are framed previews?


Example: Click here to see framed previews for

High tide at sunrise on North Avoca Beach, NSW




1. By clicking different framed and mat colours, framed previews allow you to interact and instantly visualise what your Chris Morrison Limited Edition Print will look like framed

2. You can now customise and purchase your Limited Edition Print online with the frame colour, mat colour and mount type of your choice !

3. Worldwide shipping with insurance for your framed print is still FREE

4. You can still purchase the print only if you wish.

The Best Mounting and Framing Available

When it comes to photography, I have always valued extremely high quality products and processes.  Photography is a long, end-to-end process with many critical steps essential to producting a quality masterpiece whilst surviving the test of time with archival permanence.  Therefore I have partnered with industry leaders
Created For Life Printing Lab and Framing Studio.  I have been very impressed with the quality of output and service from Created For Life since meeting with them in late 2010.

I have full confidence in delivering world class Limited Edition Masterpieces
to fine art landscape photography collectors all around the world.

Archival Gold Mounting Now Available

What is Archival Gold?
Archival Gold is the highest quality mounting and sealing process currently available, developed by Created For Life.  Each print is mounted onto treated aluminium using specially formulated, high quality film and then sealed from edge to edge with a superior high-gloss laminate.

Archival Gold Mounting ensures:

- maximum longevity of the artwork
- flawless appearance in the mounting with a completely smooth appearance
- protection from dust particles and moisture and areas of high humidity


Just give me a call on 1300 641 484 or email me via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions.

Best regards,



New Image Release: South Celestial Pole over Canberra, ACT



As I mentioned, we're celebrating the start of 2011 with the release of an exciting new image, a little different than my other work.



New Image Release:


South Celestial Pole over Canberra, ACT





(pictured with a black mat and brushed silver frame)


Image Description

We are all as unique as we are insignificant.  As the stars of the Milky Way appear to circle in reference to Earth over the course of the night, it reminds us of the continuous nature of the universe.  Life will go on regardless of what we do or don't do, but it reminds me to try and make each day count and think about what kind of legacy we're leaving behind.

This image is a part tribute to Carl Sagan and his TV series 'Cosmos' which gave me revelation after revelation in thinking about life, history and our universe.


What do you think of the first image of 2011?  Share your thoughts on via facebook or reply to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Best regards,





Happy 2011 to you! A Chance to Look Back and Forth...



Milford Sound, New Zealand


Happy New Year to YOU!  2011 will be an awesome year.


Reviewing 2010...


2010: Learn, Create, Launch.


These are the best 3 words I can think of to sum up an exciting 2010 and a year of significant change.  Chris Morrison Fine Art Landscape Photography and were launched in June 2010.  It's worth taking a moment to look at some numbers to help quantify what's achievable in terms of reach, via the internet.


Countries which visited my site:  140


140!  Imagine trying to acquire this sort of attention to your site 20 years ago before the internet - it simply wasn't possible without enormous investments in international mass media advertising campaigns.


Cities which visited my site501

(including hundreds I've never heard of!)


Browser Languages:  40

(I found it interesting German was number 2 to English, perhaps due to the German camera I use?)


Total Site Visitors since June 2010:  over 35,000


Global Visitor Map (darker colour = more visitors, white = 0):



Snapshot of a random 1000 Visitors:




2011: Create, Connect, Grow.


These 3 words sum up my photography plans for 2011.  I want to continue to create the best art I can, build further connections with more people who have a shared interest, and grow - both as a person and a business in order to take Chris Morrison Fine Art Landscape Photography to the next level.


I'd love to hear about your stories and achievements in 2010 too - I'm sure they were quite remarkable when you take a moment to look back on them all!


Here's to 2011 and making it the most memorable year yet.


And always remember - keep taking photos to capture these moments as you go!


Best regards,



Note: to start 2011 with a bang, the first new image for 2011 will be released shortly.






New Portfolio Release: Queensland

As we come into Summer (in the Southern Hemisphere), I'm pleased to release my new Queensland Portfolio containing 3 beautiful images. As with all new releases, this represents a unique opportunity to purchase single digit numbers (1-9) of the limited edition size of 150 only.

Click here to view the Queensland Portfolio:

New Portfolio Release: Queensland

Rainforest meets Reef, Cape Tribulation, Queensland

This is a unique part of the world where the tropical rainforest of far north Queensland hugs the land all the way up to and into the water at this beach.  I feel this image captures the sense of being here - warm and humid air currents combine with the lush rainforest on this wide, open beach with views of the reef and its turquoise coloured surrounding water.

Calm Waves at First Light, Queensland

Queensland has hundreds of world class beaches, but on this occasion I wanted to explore the relationship between just the water and the sky, with a hint of some calm waves quietly breaking onto the sandy beach.  My aim with this image was to give a feeling of solitude - space and time to think clearly, without distractions.

Tropical Sunrise on Clifton Beach, Queensland

On what I thought would be another eventless overcast morning after Spring rain, I went for a walk on Clifton Beach.  What a morning walk it turned out to be!  As the sun slowly made its way above the horizon, some incredible colours and tones developed as the sky began to clear  Every time I view this image, it makes me want to return to far north Queensland.

Let me know what you think of the new images via facebook or reply to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Best regards,



Chris Morrison recognised with Special Mention at the 2010 Banff Mountain Festival, Canada



The Special Mention

My image Sunrise on Cuernos del Paine over Lake Pehoe, Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia is one of the finest photographs I've ever made.  I am therefore proud to share some great news - the Banff Centre Mountain Photography Competition awarded me a Special Mention in this year's competition.  The competition has a history of showing the most outstanding photographs with a mountain theme in the world.  When you view the other entries you'll see for yourself why I'm so happy for one of my images to be chosen as only 1 of 17 images from round the world to be honoured and exhibited.

"The jury's task was not an easy one, and while there were many inspirational images that caught their attention,
we limited them to a total of 17 selections - 1 Grand Prize, 6 Category Prizes and 10 Special Mentions.

The range of unique visions never ceases to amaze us, and with so many well-crafted and creative images,
it is truly a daunting task to select the few that we will exhibit as being the best-of-the-best of over 2500 entries this year."

Christine Thel, Banff Mountain Festival Coordinator


The Reward: Worldwide Exposure and Recognition

Winning this Special Mention has muItiple benefits.  They printed and exhibited my photograph in this year's Banff Mountain Festival Gallery which just finished - Oct 30 - Nov 7.  My photograph will also be displayed in their online gallery and archive for years to come.  However the real benefit is additional opportunities to share my landscape photography with other like-minded people around the world.

In 2011, my photograph will be included in the intermission video for the Banff World Film Tour which will include a slideshow of the competition's winning images.  The Banff Mountain Film Festival has become a 'must-see' event for me each year.  I would highly recommend anyone who loves mountains, adventure, filmmaking and photography or any combination of these to attend.
Click here to access the full international schedule, click here for screenings in Canada and click here for screenings in the United States.

Usually there are 6-10 winning films of short to medium length and it goes from 7pm-10pm.  Tickets are $30 and can be purchased early 2011 through Paddy Pallin stores or online at


Purchasing 'Sunrise on Cuernos del Paine'...



Click here to purchase a print, or contact me to discuss a range of framing options and prices such as the one above.

Best regards,



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