2 New Images from the Inca Trail & New HD Vimeo Channel



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This post reveals 2 images captured on the Inca Trail in October 2009:


The Road to Machu Picchu (1), Inca Trail, Peru



Watch a video about The Road to Machu Picchu (1), Inca Trail, Peru:



Image Description

In this image, you are looking down the valley most people climb on the second (and hardest) day of the Inca Trail.  You start way down at that tiny bit of greenery, barely visible, at 2,800m.  From the very first step, it's uphill for hours, climbing 1,400 vertical metres to this viewpoint named Dead Woman's Pass at 4,200m.  The air is thin.  You walk slowly.  Every step requires a full inhale and exhale.  The reward is this view back down the huge valley, the stone path (you can see it down the bottom, slightly right from the middle) and up to the 5,500m+ mountain behind it.  I wanted to capture the rugged terrain out of respect to the Inca people for their ability to live high in the mountains and building this amazing stone path network.



Road to Machu Picchu (2), Inca Trail, Peru



Watch a video about The Road to Machu Picchu (2), Inca Trail, Peru:



Image Description

Also taken from 4,200 metres from Dead Woman's Pass, this image looks down to the second Inca Trail camp at 3,300m, located near the bottom of this valley.  Although there are others doing the trail, you get a sense of solitude at the top of this pass as we look to the higher mountains in the Andean range, some over 6,000 metres.  Although it was a sunny Spring day, the wind was freezing due to the high altitude, and I was preparing my knees for descending the 900 vertical metres of stone steps below (you can see the path at the bottom right).  I dare say I'm one of very few (crazy) people to lug a Linhof 617 camera kit and tripod to this point too.  It was worth it to capture this majestic view.



New HD Vimeo Channel

This week we created a new Vimeo channel which we'll upload videos, mostly in high definition (720p), to occasionally.  The videos will be a mix of photo narrations and other content (I can't give away the surprises can I now...).  There are currently 4 videos, and more will be added in the future.  You can open and bookmark my Vimeo channel by clicking this link:


alternatively (and easier to remember) you can click the "V" logo at the top right of the website - screenshot below:




General Vimeo Tip: when watching HD videos full screen, turn scaling off to watch the video in its native resolution - it will be much sharper and smoother.


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Banff Mountain Film Festival Magazine



I just remembered The Banff Centre sent me a copy of the magazine which is given out at the screenings, and they've put my image on the main welcome page - thanks guys!



If you havn't got tickets for the screenings in Australia, this is another reminder - don't miss out.

If you live outside Australia and have already seen it, good on you!




New Image Release: Autumn Gold, Canberra, ACT



New Release
I have some more good news - and what timing as the leaves are literally turning colour this week!
  I'm excited to release the first Autumn themed image to my collection, titled "Autumn Gold".


Autumn Gold Video

Click play below to watch a 1 minute video about Autumn Gold:





New Image Release:

Autumn Gold, Canberra, ACT


(pictured with a white mat and contemporary timber frame)


(click here to view larger version)


Image Description

Wherever I find myself shooting, I love to work during transitions between seasonal changes. Canberra's trees display a beautiful palette of colours each Autumn.  In this image, I was particularly drawn to this arrangement of 7 tree trunks which I've placed symmetrically in this composition.  I then worked with the lovely golden light which further emphasised the already vibrant yellow leaves on these elm trees.  This partnership of symmetry, opposing colours, and light and shadow, is one of my favourite Autumn images, and hence why I've titled it "Autumn Gold".


By the way, we've now enabled comments on the blog, so let me know your thoughts!


Know someone who might like this image too?  Send them this link:


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3 days until New Release and Banff Mountain Film Festival reminder...


The reason I havn't written to you for a few weeks is because as I've been busy with another somewhat massive commitment - my wedding and honeymoon!  The wedding truly was the best day of my life and I'm so lucky to have married my wonderful wife Jules.  Jules said she's never seen me so relaxed - must have something to do with great beaches, beautiful sunsets, "Fiji-time" and cocktails - or maybe all of the above?!


Only 3 days until the next New Release

On Saturday 16 April 2011, I will release a new panoramic image to the collection titled "Autumn Gold".


Reminder: Banff Mountain Film Festival - Touring Australia in April, May & June

Back in November last year, I told you about my Special Mention in the Banff Mountain Photography Competition for my image Sunrise over Cuernos del Paine over Lake Pehoe, Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia.  Part of the benefit from this is having my image presented in the intermission video for the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour as one of only 17 images.


The winning films and images world tour consists of over 600 screenings across 36 countries on all 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica!).


Tickets - I got mine a month ago, if you havn't got yours already for the screenings in Australia, get them here now as they say only limited tickets are still available.  As someone who's been every year the last 5 years, I can tell you it's well worth the $30.


View the trailer here.



Exposure in Outside magazine

The Banff Centre also let me know the winning photographic images were published in Outside magazine, though for some reason they sent me a hard copy in Japanese...  Oh well, that's the good thing about photography, it's are a universal communication form (language-independent).  I've scanned the cover and relevant page spread below:







Best regards,




Chris Morrison Wins Gold!

I'm happy to share some more good news!

In late 2010 I entered the International Aperture Awards.  As the name suggests, it's an international photography competition gaining a lot of momentum after only a few years of running.  Here are the statistics:


1,225  Photographers


91  Countries


3,587  photographs !

As my results were emailed to me throughout the 4 days of judging, I was very pleased with the results (in the order they were emailed to me):


Knowing from doing some research on the competition that only 1-5 Gold Awards are awarded per category, I knew I was in with a shot of winning the landscape category.


Well, I didn't win, but I was honoured to be a Finalist, and placed 4th my well known curious Isle of Skye sheep image :

Curious sheep in front of the Trotternish Ridge, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Click here to view all the other excellent entries



Why do we enter Competitions?

A few reasons:

- it forces you to critically and objectively review your work

- to gain valuable feedback from the industry

- for recognition and exposure to different audiences.

For all you other photographers out there, whether you're just starting, enthusiast or professional, there are many competitions which cater for many categories, and many levels.  The International Aperture Awards for example, has an Open category aimed at professionals and artists, and an Amateur category, aimed at amateurs and non-professionals.

So what's your next step?

- Start by keeping an eye out in magazines and online for competitions which may interest you

- Take a look at your photo library (this may take a while!).  For my selection process, I use Adobe Bridge to rate my photos with stars, and after I do my first cut, then a second cut, then a third cut, then finally I have 10-20 photos which take a bit longer to choose between

- Usually competitions allow between 4-8 photos to be entered so the decisions get harder the further down the selection process you go

- Get other people to help you with this last part, as it's easy to become emotionally attached to a photo which doesn't necessarily communicate that same emotional attachment to the viewer

- Enter the competition!  You've got nothing to lose and many competitions have very reasonable entry prices (but can range from free to $235!)

Best regards,




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