Invitation: Majestic Exhibition - 16 September to 1 October, 2011




Hi again!


Well I'm so excited about Majestic I counted down the days - only 18 to go!  There are many things happening behind the scenes in the next few weeks, but all you need to know are the most important details:


When: Friday 16 September to 1 October, 2011


Opening Hours: 10am - 4pm Tuesday to Friday, 12 - 4pm Weekends

Where: Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Circle, Griffith



Click here to go to the Majestic page for more details.





Hope to see you there,





Chris selected as Finalist in Plein Air Photo Prize + Some New Exhibition Details...




High tide at sunrise on North Avoca Beach, NSW




Hi again,


I hope you've been surviving Winter and enjoying the uber fresh mornings - especially here in Canberra, with a minus 8 recently.  I did a trip to the snow too in July and we hit -10 going through Berridale - not bad for an Australian town which is below 1000m altitude!


NSW Parliamentary Plein Air Photographic Prize

This year for the first time I entered this competition which only started last year.  It compliments the Painting Prize of the same name.  Entrants can only enter one image which must be taken somewhere in NSW, so it forces artists to be very selective.  I chose to enter High tide at sunrise on North Avoca Beach, NSW.


Weeks later, I was very happy to be contacted to be advised I had been selected as a finalist in this photo prize.  I then had this image framed for hanging in NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney.  The opening night for finalists and selected guests was Thursday 4 August and was hosted by The Honourable George Souris MP, NSW Minister for the Arts.


Unfortunately my image was not chosen was one of the 3 winning images, but it was still nice to see all the finalist images hung in NSW Parliament House.  You can see this show for free at NSW Parliament House during its regular opening hours for the rest of August - I recommend dropping by if you live in Sydney or its surrounding areas!  My congratulations to the 2011 winner, Peter Elfes with his image Green Desert - link to site here: done to Leanne Maslen in organising a fantastic show in a very short timeframe (about 2 weeks!).


September Exhibition: Majestic

I can now tell you the name of my exhibition in September is called "Majestic".  Without spoiling the surprise, I can also say after months of planning, I have decided on the final 13 prints for the exhibition.  And I'm excited to say I'll be exhibiting the prints with some unique mounting methods which are completely new to Chris Morrison Fine Art Landscape Photography.  I can't wait to see them hung!


Anyway, more exhibition information in the coming weeks!


Best regards,





Chris wins first Gold Award at APPA



I post with great news...




As mentioned previously, I entered the 2011 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards in May this year.  So we went to Sydney (as part of the PMA Photo Show) to see the judging, and for the first time I won that sweet Gold Award which has proved elusive in previous years.  APPA Gold awards are rare so I'm very proud to be awarded one this year.  Only a very small perentage of the total entries (over 3,500 this year) receive this honour. 


I was also very happy to add 2 more Silver awards to my collection.


I also attended the Australian Professional Photography Awards Gala Dinner last week in Darling Harbour which was a most splendid evening.  Some might say it's the Brownlow Medal night equivalent for photography (just not televised)...  Well maybe that's not quite a fair comparison, but for us photographers, it's a big deal and a great night!

Dressed up in the suit and all, it was an opportunity to meet with many other leading photographers from around Australia over a beautiful three course dinner (and possibly a few cold beverages too).  My congratulations goes to all of the other category winners and overall APPA winner and recipient of $20,000 in prizes from Canon, Gerard O'Connor. 


The Image


The Gold-award-winning print I submitted was a slightly modified version of my image "Aiguille Du Midi Arete & Grandes Jorasses, Chamonix, France".  I love this black and white image.  For the awards however, I visualised a slightly different look for it, which resulted in the version below:


Journey of Composition, Chamonix, French Alps



I will be exhibiting this as a print, along with 13 others in my exhibition in September, which reminds me to again mention....


September Exhibition Reminder

This isn't the first reminder, and won't be the last, but I'd like to mention again my big solo exhibition from September 15 to October 1, 2011 at the Huw Davies Gallery in Manuka.  Put it in your calendar!


By the way, thanks to those who've congratulated me, or just stay in touch, or just randomly ask clever questions or suggest things from time to time, it's great to hear from you all.









New Image Release: Sunrise on Viwa Island, Fiji



New Image Release
I'm pleased to release the
first Fiji image to my collection, titled "Sunrise on Viwa Island".


Sunrise on Viwa Island Video

Click play below to watch a 1 minute video about Sunrise on Viwa Island, Fiji:





New Image Release:

Sunrise on Viwa Island, Fiji


Sunrise on Viwa Island, Fiji

(pictured with a black mat and rustic timber frame)


Image Description

Located approximately 100km off the main island Viti Levu, Viwa Island is a true secluded tropical island paradise.  There are two small villages on the island which you can arrange to visit for a brief insight into their simple, relaxed and culturally rich lifestyle.  The rest of the island is natural vegetation.  One Fijian mentioned there was another beach worth going to, aside from the main one.  He told which direction it was, but getting there was another challenge.  After two failed attempts at finding a way through the dense forest, I found him again to ask for some more clues.  He kindly showed me the way as he said, after all with a laugh, "it's all good, we're on Fiji-time man".  The next morning, I was able to find this path in complete darkness and was lucky enough to capture a rare sunrise (many mornings were overcast) over the beach.  I wanted this image to be a reminder to us, that it's important to appreciate simple pleasures every once in a while, amidst the pace of our everyday lives.


Know someone who might like this image too?  Send them this link:


Best regards,





Special Newsletter: HD Time-Lapse Film + September Exhibition in Canberra

Hello again, some highlights of the last month have been:

 - preparing for the one of the bigger competition events on my photographic calendar, the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) to be held and judged in Sydney 24-26 June, in conjunction with the PMA Australia Photo Show, held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre

 - finalising a new image to be released shortly from Fiji

 - spending a week in NSW's beautiful Hunter Valley (and coming back with a few bottles (ok, cases) of wine)



Exhibition in September, 2011

Dates to put in your diary/calendar: 15 September to 1 October.


Over these 2 weeks in September, I will be holding an exhibition of some of my large, exquisite prints at the Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka.  This will be a special opportunity to see 10-14 of my Limited Edition Prints - up close and personally.  It's also a chance to come and say hi to me in person - as I'll be talking about the images on the opening night, and will pop into the exhibition a few times over the 2 weeks. 

More details to come later, but just wanted to let you know the dates in advance, especially for anyone travelling from outside Canberra - I'd love to see you too!

Something a little different - an HD Time-Lapse Film

In 2007, I undertook a personal project to create an time-lapse film to be exhibited at the High Court of Australia, and the following year at the Huw Davies Gallery in Manuka, Canberra (the location of my exhibition in September this year).  This was part of Vivid - the first ever National Photography Festival which saw 100 exhibitions in 50 venues across Canberra.  I was sad to hear recently that plans for the second Vivid, to be held 4 years later in 2012, have been shelved due to a combined lack of investment by ACT and Federal Government buildings and other local businesses who were involved last time.  Nevertheless, it was a fantastic event last 3 months and showcased the array of talent in Canberra, and celebrated a cross-section of photography in Australia.


The Film: Compressed

Compressed is the name of the film, due to the huge compression of time which occurs - from 2x what we experience as normal time, through to life at 1000x normal speed.  This was mostly an experimental project for me, as my experience with video was limited.  I made the 8 minute film through the capturing of 14,000 photographs over 3 months.  I originally composed, performed and recorded the accompanying music for Compressed, but later decided to change it to a piece by Steve Booke.


David Chalker, Director of PhotoAccess and the Huw Davies Gallery on compressed:
(used with David's permission)

"I saw Chris Morrison’s Compressed in the exhibition at the High Court of Australia in November
last year [2007]. It was a beautifully realised work and—despite its distracting, crowded surroundings—mesmerising.

Chris accepted our invitation to show Compressed in the HUW DAVIES GALLERY Multimedia Room during VIVID: The National Photography Festival—one of seven HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions on the VIVID program.  Compressed is an eight minute high definition moving image work made from a staggering 14 000 digital photographs. It was made using time-lapse photography in Canberra and Sydney.

In his project, Chris Morrison began to experiment with a technique that combines photography and motion pictures, time-lapse photography—and hence Compressed.

Chris Morrison tells us about the background to and making of Compressed in his Artist Statement. The work challenges us to contemplate a world in which time is compressed, where the measures of time—hours, days, years—are multiplied and the things we know in terms of time speed up.

Chris Morrison’s Compressed is a visually arresting work, and PhotoAccess is very pleased to share it with a wider Canberra audience through this showing in the HUW DAVIES GALLERY and VIVID: The National Photography Festival."



Artist statement
When you think about it, time is only a concept of measurement to help us make sense of the world. ‘Time is neither an event nor a thing’ according to Liebniz and Kant. We as humans can only understand time by referencing it to regular events or intervals. Einstein said ‘Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once.’


We have always linked time with the motions of the sun and the moon, throughout humanity’s existence. Take a minute, then, to imagine the world if time as we know it now in real time, at two times that speed. What if events in the universe occurred at twice the speed? What if the Earth rotated twice as fast and circled the Sun in six months? Would a day still be 24 hours, with the hour becoming 30 minutes as we know it, or would it just be 12 hours? Would a year still be 365 (short) days, or 182.5 days? What would life look like to live it in constant fast-forward? How much would we eat? How much would we sleep? Would we develop an increased level of awareness? What would a tennis match look like? What effect would this have on fundamental
constants such as gravity and light? What would be the duration of an 8 x 5 working week? Would our life expectancy be 80 years, 160 years, or 40 years due to the hectic pace? Would we have even evolved into intelligent beings? Essentially, what would the universe look like if time was compressed?


These are the questions that Compressed was derived from. Now, take these questions and try to imagine the world at 4 x or 16 x or 50 x or 1000 x that speed. The project aims to explore the notion of compressing time, and how that concept might appear to us when viewed in real time.





You can watch Compressed by clicking play below, or clicking here to view the HD version on my

Vimeo Channel.







Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment below :)




Best regards,











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