Chris Wins AIPP ACT 2012 Epson Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year



Flinders Ranges, South Australia


Winner: AIPP ACT 2012 Epson Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year


I wanted to take the opportunity to share some great news!


I attended the NSW/ACT 2012 Epson Professional Photography Awards dinner last night in Sydney at the Crowne Plaza.  Having watched the prints being judging the previous day, I was aware of some great results for individual images, but I knew it was going to be close as the standard was very high from both ACT & NSW photographers - across all image categories.


Of course, choosing to specialise in my true passion, the Landscape category was of most interest.


My Results

I entered 8 prints.  7 prints won awards.  I won my first Gold Award at state level, 4 Silver Awards with Distinction, and 3 Silver Awards.  The top 4 scoring prints then automatically count toward being a possible photographer for winning the category, which is then judged separately.  This was certainly a personal best for me in terms of achieving my highest total and average scores for my prints, and resulted in winning the Landscape category.


This means a lot to me having won the category in 2010, and just missing out on entering last year due to planning and logistics issues (aka wedding and honeymoon!).


Some thoughts

It's also a chance to reflect on how focus and persistence can pay off, and having the courage to follow through with your own original vision.  Yes, of course we all gain inspiration from each other, but every one of us has a vision of the world which no one else does, and I think it's great to remember this from time to time.  This applies not just in photography, but in every industry and context.  If we can find a way to share and bring this vision to life, the world becomes a better place.



As mentioned in my brief thankyou speech, I want to again thank my uber-supportive wife Jules, and for 'allowing' me to travel away from her for 3 weeks in October 2011 to do the Flinders trip, on which the winning images were shot.  I'd also like to thank all of you who inspire me with the great things I hear you are doing as well.


Finally, thanks to the volunteers and staff who ran the NSW/ACT 2012 Epson Professional Photography Awards.  It is a complex event to organise and to the end user (in my case, the photographer), it was seemless and efficient.  As always I learnt a lot from the judges' commentary and peer feedback.


The Winning Images

I like to save the best until last, so I'm proud to bring you my 8 print entries below.


3 images of the 8 images are already published on the website, and I will release the other 5 as Limited Edition Prints onto the website shortly.



Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Survivor, Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Wavefalls 2, Merimbula, NSW



Gorge of Serenity, Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Flinders Ranges, South Australia




Flinders Ranges, South Australia




Best regards,





Special Christmas Newsletter - Wavefalls, International Awards and 500 Million Years of Geomorphology and More...



 Survivor, Flinders Ranges, South Australia



Hello, I hope your end of year planning is going smoothly.  Only 3 weeks until Christmas in a year that has flown by for all of us!


Order Deadline for Christmas Orders

I thought I'd mention upfront if you'd like to order a print and have it delivered before Christmas, please place your order no later than Friday 9 December, 2011.  Orders later than this will still be processed as quickly as possible, but I just can't guarantee delivery before Christmas for them.


This is one of my bigger newsletters with some exciting news:

- 7 New Image Releases as part of Phase 2 of my Flinders Project

- 3 New Image Releases from Merimbula, NSW 

- 4 Awards received in the 2011 International Loupe Awards

- 3 New Print Sizes for all Limited Edition Prints

- 2 New Canvas Printing Options for all Limited Edition Prints



500 Million Years of Geomorphology, Flinders Ranges, SA


Flinders Project Phase 2

Phase 1 of the project was completed over late October and early November.  I thought I'd share some of the highlights:

- over 200 hours scouting and shooting over 33 consecutive sunrises and sunsets shoots in 16 days

- 6,000 kilometres of driving (over a third on dirt)

- 50 rolls of film, 2,500 shots on my Canon

- 2 storms, 1 night cutoff from accomodation due to flooding

- a lot of great stories

- most importantly, some stunning imagery.


I've been working hard to bring you the 7 new image releases which make up Phase 2 of the project.

I'm also pleased to release 3 new ocean images from Merimbula on NSW's beautiful South Coast.

Click here to see the new Flinders Ranges and Merimbula images



4 Awards Received in the International Loupe Awards

I entered the awards this year and was happy to receive 4 awards including 2 Silver Awards.  This is one of the bigger international photography competitions, and it's great to receive recognition from judges representing countries from all over the globe.



Stretched Canvas Printing Now Available for all LEPs

I've now made Canvas Prints an option for all my Limited Edition Prints.  Canvas Prints are a great way to experience Limited Edition Prints due to their textured look.  To make it easier to preview what your preference is, I've created canvas previews of how your print will look for the two options:


Wavefalls, Merimbula, NSW - Stretched Canvas Print

Stretched Canvas Print (preview above) - the image is printed on a beautiful textured canvas printing paper based on tests I've done personally.  The print is then wrapped around a custom 40mm deep wooden frame and is ready to hang on any wall.



Wavefalls, Merimbula, NSW - Canvas Print Only

Canvas Print Only - if you order this option, you'll receive the canvas print only, and can choose to stretch or mount it how you like.


How to order Canvas Prints:

Just go to any image and click either "Stretched Canvas Print" or "Canvas Print Only", select your size and click "Add to Cart".


3 New Print Sizes

Previously, my smallest Limited Edition Print size for each image ratio was:

Panoramic 3:1 ratio - 30x10" (76x25cm)

3:2 ratio - 24x16" (61x41cm)

Square 1:1 ratio - 20x20" (51x51cm)

The 3 smaller sizes are below:

Panoramic 3:1 ratio - 12x4" (30x10cm), 18x6" (46x15cm), 24x8" (61x20cm)

3:2 ratio - 9x6" (23x15cm), 14x9" (36x23cm), 18x12" (46x30cm)

Square 1:1 ratio - 7x7" (18x18cm), 11x11" (28x28cm), 15x15" (38x38cm)



Please contact me if you have any questions about prints, and I hope you enjoy the new images.


Best regards,





Frameless Aluminium Mounting Now Available



After much research on this beautiful, slick and modern mounting method, I'm pleased to announce:



(click above to see example for High tide at sunrise on North Avoca Beach)

Available for all Limited Edition Prints.



I can honestly say this mounting method is perfect for those who prefer a more contemporary look in their home or office.  The method starts with the image being printed on beautiful high gloss FujiFlex paper, then print is mounted on 3mm anodized aluminium and then covered with a optically clear protective laminate.  The whole process is archivally sound and hence why it's also referred to as 'Archival Gold'.


I personally love this look for some images, and for other images I prefer the prestige of a traditional frame.  But everyone has their own personal taste, so I'm just happy to offer you another option if you're interested in purchasing a Limited Edition Print.


For those of you who visited my recent exhibition where I trialled this mounting method, the feedback spoke for itself.  Again here is a stitched shot of 6 of my frameless aluminium mounted prints:




Best regards,





New Image Release: Dawn-kissed rocks at Mossy Point, NSW



I'm pleased to release this new image from Mossy Point, NSW:



Dawn-kissed rocks at Mossy Point, NSW



Image Description

Mossy Point is a picturesque spot on the NSW South Coast and offers wide sweeping views over its beach.  When doing my scouting the previous day however, I was more interested in how the sun would light the rocks at the North end of the beach.  After negotiating my way over the sharp rocks and crabs with my headtorch, I got to the spot I wanted, and waited.  As I had hoped, it was a clear morning with no cloud on the horizon.  The warm dawn light coloured the rocks which made for a beautiful mix of colours.






(pictured with a black mat and brushed silver frame)




Upcoming Trip to South Australia

Well after a long wait I'm going on my next medium length photo trip in a week.  First I fly to Adelaide this Saturday to attend The Nikon Event, the second annual national photography conference organised by the AIPP.  Yes there will be Nikon cameras there, but Nikon is just the sponsor.  It's actually a great opportunity to hear some excellent speakers and photographers from the industry, meet more photographers, catchup with those I already know, learn new things and above all have fun.  Sorry Nikon, until you release an equivalent Canon 5D Mk ii for the price, I'll be shooting Canon for a while yet.  And until Canon releases something which can top the resolution of my Linhof Technorama panoramic film camera, I'll also be shooting Linhof!


Anyway, getting off track there, the major highlight of the trip after The Nikon Event will be jumping in the car and slowly heading North to the Flinders Ranges.  I've haven't even been to South Australia yet, and from what I've already seen, the Flinders is going to be both exciting and intimidating to capture at the same time.  The sheer size of the area will present too many opportunities than I can capture, so some tough decisions will have to be made about where to be and when.  I then do the long drive back from South Australia to Canberra (1,400km) around mid November, crossing my fingers that I've captured some magic from the Flinders. 


Wish me luck!        


Best regards,





ArtyFacts Interview + Floriade Exhibition

Radio Interview

On 18 October, Richard Scherer interviewed me during my Majestic Exhibition on his weekly show called ArtyFacts, on 92.7 ArtSound FM.  It was broadcast on 24 October.


You can now listen to the short, 7 minute interview here (remember it was my first ever radio interview...):


Artyfacts with Chris Morrison-1 by Chris_Morrison



Majestic Comments

During the exhibition, many people left me many inspiring comments with very positive feedback.  I'd like to share just a few of those comments below:


- "You've really captured some magical moments in both mediums film + digital.  Thanks for sharing your vision with us in such a wonderfully thought out display."  Michael

- "Exceptional - inspirational captures of memorable places - thanks."  Richard

- "Absolutely wondrous!" Margaret

- "Detail, drama, composition, colour.  A great body of work which inspires."  Steven

- "The most beautiful pictures I've seen in my life." (anonymous)

- "A wonderful exhibition - so original, professional & artistic."  Phillip & Margaret

- "Absolutely gorgeous.  We are heading to Patagonia in 60 days, your images have totally inspired us."  Iain & Bianca

- "Well done Chris - what a life travelling the world doing what you must love - the results show through."  Colin





Floriade, Canberra

Floriade Exhibition

AIPP ACT is again holding a small photographic exhibition in Floriade.  The exhibition title is Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards, ACT winners' exhibition.

The exhibition is an opportunity for ACT AIPP members to exhibit award winning images from this year's Canon Australian Professional Photoraphy Awards - the AIPP's largest event and Australia's biggest professional photographic competition of its kind in Australia.

What I'm exhibiting
Along with other top Canberra photographers, I'm exhibiting the 3 small prints for which I received awards, in 16x20" mounts:


Gold: Aiguille Du Midi Arete & Grandes Jorasses, Chamonix, France

Silver: High tide at sunrise on North Avoca Beach, NSW

Silver: Machu Picchu Panorama, Peru

Location and opening hours
The exhibition is located within the Look 'n' Learn marquee, see the red arrow on the Floriade map below (courtesy of




Floriade opening hours:
9.00 am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday
9.00 am – 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday
Last entry to the event is 30 minutes before closing.

Note: Floriade's 2011 event program closes @ 5.30pm, Sunday 16 October.

I hope you're able to drop by and check it out.

Best regards,




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