Exhibition Invitation - 100 Views of Canberra - Thursday 1 August @ 6pm


Hello again,

This is an invitation to come to a group exhibition I'm participating in.  As part of the Centenary of Canberra festivities (aka Canberra 100), celebrating 100 years since construction officially commenced on this great planned city, PhotoAccess has coordinated a major project showcasing 110 photographs of Canberra, from 110 Canberra photographers.  The project presents these images at a month long exhibition and curated book, available for purchase.


I'm proud to live in the beautiful city of Canberra and be a part of this project.  The print I will be exhibiting is Lone Carillon, Canberra, ACT.


Exhibition details:



Book launch and exhibition opening: 6pm Thursday 1 August 2013

Exhibition open times: 10am-4pm Tesday to Friday, 12-4pm Weekends

Location: Huw Davies Gallery, Manuka Arts Centre, Manuka Circle Griffith ACT (near Manuka swimming pool and Manuka Oval).


The exhibition and book will be formally opened and launched by Ms Joy Burch MLA, Minister for the Arts.




You can find out more about the exhibition in the 100 Views of Canberra preview.


Quotes on 100 Views of Canberra exhibition and book:


ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher MLA in her introduction on 100 Views of Canberra said:

"The evocative images contained in this wonderful publication tell a compelling story of our city, and of the people who call Canberra home... 100 Views of Canberra provides a unique record of the nation's capital as it is now."


Centenary of Canberra Creative Director Robyn Archer AO:

"This publication now produces evidence of the variety and splendour of Canberra's natural and built environment and, most importantly, some of the people who live here."


Doctor Denise Ferris, Chair, PhotoAccess:

"The 100 Views of Canberra book and the exhibition in the Huw Davies Gallery are both valuable social documents, surveying the Canberra only locals know.  We hope the project will give people outside Canberra a greater, more realistic understanding of their national capital."


Marion Halligan AM, a distinguished writer and passionate Canberran:

"One of the effects, as it was certainly one of the intentions, of this centenary year is to show how far our actual Canberra is from the many stereotypes that patronise and dismiss it.

This book is a wonderful correction of such a view, showing that unconsidered banalities have no role here.  It is a collection of marvellous potential conversations."



Aside from all that, it's a great chance to come and say hi over refreshments and a drink, though there will be a lot of people squeezing into a small space!  I hope to see you there.



Best regards,






2013 Winter Newsletter - Special Limited Edition Release, Medium Format Art Prize and Exhibition

Sunday, 16 June 2013 14:08


Hello and welcome to my 2013 winter newsletter.  It's hard to believe we're almost half way through 2013!  As the temperatures steadily drop, the frosts increase their frequency, the sun sets earlier and the general chill in the air becomes more noticeable.  It also brings the anticipation of snowfalls in the alpine region, and the surrounding mountains here in Canberra.


Special Limited Edition Release


This piece has been quite a while in the making, and I'm very excited to finally release one of my most exclusive images to date. 





Historic Homestead, Flinders Ranges, South Australia



This photograph is a special, limited edition piece of Old Wilpena Station in the Flinders Ranges.  This station was established in 1851, and was in operation amazingly until 1986.  It is the most complete group of early station buildings surviving in South Australia in an authentic pastoral landscape.  Its beautiful natural setting amongst humongous gum trees and its historic importance easily justify its heritage listing.

I allowed my imagination to wander with this image, and pictured the settlement in its early pioneering days in the 19th century.  In what may look old and mundane to some people, I found immense beauty.  You can picture the general running of the station amongst the stables, bookkeeper's hut, motor house and general store.  The well-preserved old brick buildings, gum trees showing their age from centuries of harsh conditions, and the surrounding mountains, make for a romantic take on this site as you peer back through Australia's pastoral history.

After a long day's hard work on the station, this certainly would have been a beautiful country scene to return in an outback environment.

Captured on one 6x17cm transparency film frame.


I have personally selected a specific mix of print size, an Italian hand crafted timber frame and mat colour to brilliantly complement this special piece.  This is also my smallest edition size, reflecting the exclusivity of the image.

Limited Edition Size:  5

Print Size: 60"x20" (152cm x 51cm)

Mat Colour: Black

Frame: Italian hand crafted timber

Price: $5,000 framed.


Click here to view and purchase Historic Homestead from my online gallery.



- Finalist, 2013 Medium Format Art Prize

- Silver Award, 2012 International Loupe Awards

- Silver with Distinction, 2012 ACT AIPP Awards

- Silver, 2012 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards

- Bronze, 2012 Epson International Pano Awards



If you would like any further information on this piece, please contact me.



See 'Historic Homestead' exhibited in Melbourne - 20 June to 8 July 2013

Earlier this year, I was notified Historic Homestead placed as a finalist in the 2013 Medium Format Art Prize.  Being the first time I entered the competition, I was very happy with this honour.  Eleven40 gallery in Malvern, Victoria, will be hosting the finalists exhibition.  Although I won't be personally in the gallery during this period, I do invite you to see the exhibition if you can.  You can find more information on the exhibition here.


Japan Trip


Since visiting Japan previously primarily for powder skiing, I have been looking forward to returning to photograph its beauty.  I spent 3 weeks travelling through the alps on the main island, and then 1 week in central Hokkaido photographing the mountains there too.  Many areas in Japan had a significant positive impact on me, and I look forward to working through my image collection, and expect to release some images from Japan later this year.


Finally, here's a postcard from Japan to keep with the winter theme!





Best regards,






2013 Summer Newsletter - 4 new images, Canberra 100 and 6 international awards







Lone Carillon, Canberra, ACT





Highlights of this post:

- involvement in PhotoAccess Canberra 100 project

- 6 international awards

- 4 new image releases



Involvement in PhotoAccess Canberra 100 project

My new release image, Lone Carillon, Canberra, ACT, has been selected to be included in an exhibition later and will be published in a book later this year.  Both of these highlights are part of '100 Views of Canberra',  a project being coordinated by PhotoAccess.  The project involves 100 images of Canberra, by 100 Canberra based photographers, leaving the subject open to interpretation.  I shot the new image during one of the many cold and foggy mornings of Winter 2012.


I'll keep you updated as the event and book come closer to release.



6 International Awards

In late 2012, I entered the International Loupe Awards, and amongst photographers from countries all across the globe, received 2 Silver Awards for images soon to be released and 1 Bronze Award from my 3 entries.  I also placed 21st in the top 50 scoring images in the landscape category with one of my most unique images, soon to be released.


The other 3 awards (1 Silver, 2 Bronze) were received in another related international competition I entered for the first time - the 2013 Medium Format Art Prize.  Although most of the industry now exclusively captures their images on digital sensors, I am one of few exceptions who still uses both, depending on the scene and desired final result.  Therefore, amongst a field and industry of digital majority, I was happy to receive awards for all 3 images, 2 of which were shot on film on my 12 year old German Linhof 617 S III camera which was designed back in the '70s (before I was born), and 1 was shot on the latest series of digital PhaseOne medium format camera.


I was also recently notified that the image which received the Silver Award (soon to be released) was also  selected in the Medium Format Art Prize top 15 shortlist.  Being part of the shortlist means it is part of an exhibition in Melbourne around March this year - more news to come on this.



4 New Image Releases





Lone Carillon, Canberra, ACT


Winter in Canberra, albeit a little uncomfortable due to having to get out of bed on freezing mornings, really is a beautiful time of year.  Canberra can delight those who brave the chilly morning air with unique sunrises and fog formations.  More often than not when photographing landscapes, you need to not only be in the right place at the right with the right light, but also have luck on your side.  On this morning Canberra was blanketed with low-lying fog, and the iconic Carillon remained above it like an obelisk reminder of Canberra’s icons, amongst an otherwise unrecognisable setting.

Limited Edition Size:  50










Highland Fog, Carrington Gorge, NSW



One of the beautiful aspects of the Southern Highlands is the unpredictable weather and, in particularly, fog you can encounter throughout the year.  Having been to this location a few times previously, I was impressed with the grand view down the gorge, but was never satisfied with the light, until this day.  Shooting in rain is the only way to capture these special moments, and at times the scene was a complete whiteout from the fog.  I waited for quite some time before the sun and fog moulded itself into what I felt was just the right aesthetic to complement the mood of the scene on this day.

Captured on a 60 megapixel digital medium format camera.

Limited Edition Size:  25







Awakening Elder Range, Flinders Ranges, South Australia


The painterly Elder Range awakens to a unique sunrise which paints the landscape with soft colours.  This image has 3 layers - the gumtrees lining a small creek, the rolling plains leading to the steep rise, and the impressive Elder Range itself under an old-world sky.  All of these elements give this panorama a distinct feel.

The Elder Range was named after Sir Thomas Elder, a Scottish-Australian pastoralist, successful businessman, philanthropist, politician and race-horse owner and breeder.  It is noted that at one time he held a pastoral area greater than the whole of Scotland.  What a tribute it is to him to have his name given to this stunning mountain range.

Captured on one 6x17cm film transparency frame.







Morning Glow, Hunter Valley, NSW


During my first trip to the Hunter Valley, I was taken by the region's beauty and laid back lifestyle.  After driving past more than 100 vineyards trying to capture that feeling in the perfect shot, I decided to come back to this one.  With an elevated position, one can gain a great view over the acres of vines below, just moments after the fog had risen.  I had to wait for a perfectly still morning, which allowed everything to remain in crisp focus.  It was one of the most memorable mornings of my life, capturing the peacefulness and unique agricultural prosperity of the Hunter Valley.

Limited Edition Size:  50










Click here to view all recently released images in my online gallery under latest work:





Until next time, enjoy the remainder of summer!


Best regards,






2012 Spring Newsletter - 13 New Releases across New South Wales, Victoria and Slovenia







Moonset at sunrise, Kosciusko National Park, NSW


Something which happens quite rarely is the setting of the moon at the exact time of the rising of the sun.  The previous night the opposite had occured at sunset so I knew there was potential for something special this morning.  Luckily it was a clear night, and I placed the moon above the Ramshead Range, left of Australia's highest peak, Mount Kosciusko, on the far right of the photo.

Limited Edition Size:  50



Welcome to my 2012 Spring Newsletter


In this newsletter I'm excited to show you a new set of images I've just finished and released.


Over Winter I've been busy making a few camping trips to Kosciusko National Park, and working through the post-processing phase for many images which have been gradually progressing through the progressive image-creation process.  Previously I've written about my process in creating fine art landscape photographs, therefore I don't release many images per year.  I prefer to focus on creating the very best images I can, and by maintaining that standard of 'less is more', it makes each limited edition image more exclusive.  If you'd like to view some of these images, and more behind the scenes photos, I post regularly to my facebook page.


Even though I usually do multiple trips per year, I like to leave images for a period of time after capture, before I re-visit the images I've shot, begin the selection process and decide on the final image.  Sometimes this is months, and occasionally it can be a period of even years, exemplified through the 2 new shots from Slovenia, shot in 2009.  This allows me to detach myself from the emotion and excitement of being there and enables me to be more objective in my assessment of what I really want to convey from the scene or location in the image.  As you know, only the best images are selected, and from these, a small few are released as limited edition prints.


I have decided to further limit all of my most recent editions to only 50 prints.


Camping in the snowy mountains is a very powerful experience.  There's nothing quite like the silence of a windless, freezing night in the mountains.  But the best part is awakening to a transformation of the landscape from the harsh light during the day, to rich, warm and soft colours painting the snow.  It certainly makes the -10°C temperatures that little more bearable.  It's also a reminder we can find immense beauty in these special moments.  Yes, it may be a lot of effort to experience those moments, but I believe we need to disconnect from our world of digital comfort every once in a while and feed the soul with nature's bounty.



13 New Image Releases





Star trails over Ramshead Range, NSW


Camping on Ramshead Range this cold and cloudless night was an opportunity I had long waited for to capture the Milky Way's glory.  In this image I have frozen the stars in their position, and then used multiple exposures to capture and track their circular progress around the South cellestial pole at short intervals.  Additionally you peer up into the stratosphere and it feels like you are close to entering space.  This technique combines multiple points in time to compress time and starlight into an image which is not viewable to the naked eye.

Limited Edition Size:  50



- 7 new images from Kosciusko National Park, NSW

- 2 new images from Bled, Slovenia

- 2 new images from the Southern Highlands, NSW

- 1 new image from Great Otway National Park, Victoria

- 1 new image from the Northern Beaches, NSW



Click here to view all the new images in my online gallery under latest work:




Ordering dates for Christmas

Within Australia: 5 December.

Internationally: 30 November.


Ordering before these dates will ensure your limited edition print is delivered before Christmas.




Recent Awards


This year I entered the 2012 Creative Asia Awards for the first time, and added another 3 awards to the list from the 3 images I entered.  The next competition I've entered is the 2012 International Loupe Awards, which will holding judging later this month.



What's next?


I am working on some very special images to be released in or before my summer newsletter.  More to come on this soon.


I'm also in the process of planning my trip calendar for 2013, with more locations to discover for my first time, and hopefully some overseas locations.

Best regards,






2012 Winter Newsletter: New Image Releases, Chris wins 13 awards and more...




Glacial dawn, Blue Lake, NSW

It doesn't get much better (nor colder) than this in Australia.  I awoke to one of the coldest nights of the Winter at -10ºC - a harsh reality when you unzip the sleeping bag at 5am - at 1,900m ASL.  The lake completely freezes over during Winter with plenty of thickness to walk, ski or snowshoe over.  You wouldn't want to fall through at freezing temperatues and a depth of 28 metres.  It's also the only place in Australia you can ice climb.  I wanted to capture the beauty of one of Australia's most important National Parks.  In a 150º panorama of the 16 hectare lake and surrounds, I captured the dawn glow coming from the right, lighting up Mount Twynam on the left.  The sky then graduates to the earth's shadow on the left which creates the light blue and magenta colours only seen when the sun is below the horizon.  This is the only time of day when these beautiful soft colour tones across the snow are created.  There was also no wind - I have never experienced such absolute and eery silence as being in an alpine area above the tree line.

It was a very memorable and powerful experience.

Limited Edition Size:  50



Welcome to my 2012 Winter Newsletter.  This one is one of my biggest newsletters yet, so don't feel you have to read straight away.  I have released 15 new images - 'Glacial dawn, Blue Lake, NSW' above being one of them.


Over the last few months I've been working on a few exciting things, so I wanted to share some news.

2011 Flinders Project - Phase 3

As mentioned late last year, I came back from a very productive trip to the Flinders Ranges and parts of South Australia and central NSW with 3,500 images to go through.  With such a high percentage of 'keepers' from the 33 consecutive sunrise/sunset shoots over 17 days, the selection process took a lot longer than exepcted!  My goal was to capture at least 6 great shots in the Flinders Ranges - I would have been satisfied with this.  So to put the success of the trip in perspective, I came home with almost 5 times that amount, so it was really nice to exceed my goal and bring you some truly beautiful and unique images from the trip.

Hence the last few months have been finalising the post-processing of all Limited Edition images from this trip.  Many of you already know I shoot 6x17cm large format transparency film and also with the latest digital cameras.  I find the mix of photographing with 2 very different systems both challenging and rewarding.  I like to keep things as simple as possible in my kit - ideally I would have just one camera and 1-3 fixed-focal length lenses.  However I still love the look, colour and quality of large format film.  This is something I've realised I've come to specialise in and master over many years.  Many people and photographers comment on my limited edition prints, but when they see the largest versions spanning 1.5-2.5 metres on the wall, they are stunned at the detail as few others go to the effort, expense and quality assurance that I apply to my processes.  This is an area I'll continue to research to ensure the intended impact of the print is executed to the highest standards.

On a slight tangent for a moment, a lot of people ask me 'how did you get into photography, and why landscape?'.  Over time I've come to realise most pursuits in life actually start from our emotions, beliefs and values.  The images you see on my website gallery are the summation of many events, lessons and experiences in my life.  For instance, when I was capturing Alpenglow on the Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia
, it hit me - this surreal and almost transcendent-like moment was the result of many years of iteration and evolution of ideas and events - some of which were purposeful and some complete luck or coincidental.  All decisions start from our values and deepest beliefs, and resulting consequences stem from there.  In a butterfly-effect type flashback, I made all these connections - for example, if that didn't happen, then I wouldn't have met this person, and if I didn't talk to that person, I wouldn't have met that other person who suggested something which led to an idea which led to... etc etc.

So a love for outdoor pursuits, a love for beautiful things and places, a desire to create, an eye for detail and quality, a curiosity regarding life-changing moments, a belief that things can be better than they are, a certain set of skills and a combination of many other things, led to a set of values and a situation which led me to 'getting into landscape photography'.  The goal was never 'to be a landscape photographer', the goal was 'to do things which satisfy my need to create beautiful things which others can benefit from'.  At some point you think ahead and wonder 'what will my legacy
that I leave behind?', and ask questions like 'was I happy with the things I contributed to the world in my short lifetime?', and suddenly concepts of money and possessions are quickly forgotten.  I'm sure you have thought this from time to time, well I do too.  Whilst I don't try and claim to know the meaning of life, what I do know is that we know when we've made a difference, touched someone in some small way, or changed the world, one small gift at a time.  So that's a short answer to how I 'got into landscape photography'.

Onto the images...  below is the result of months of work, and I'm proud to bring you these images - some of my best yet.  If the images below don't appear for you, you can view them all here: http://www.chrismorrison.com.au/region/latest-work


Flinders Ranges Trip - Project Phase 3 - New Limited Edition Images


Wilpena Pound glowing red, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

This spectacular sight was produced by a classic central Australian sunset.  The last rays of the sun travelled uninterrupted across the wide open plains West of Wilpena Pound.  The orange coloured rock and scrub bushes were transformed into a glowing red for 1-2 minutes before receding to a dull grey for the night.  Evidence of outback winds is shown in the motion blur of the old windmill.

Limited Edition Size:  50


Life after lightning, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

This symmetrical view of Wilpena Pound intrigued me, but as I searched for a foreground I struggled to find something appropriate.  Whilst walking for kilometres on what I assumed to be only tiny hills and shrubs, I came across this tree which I can only assume was struck by lightning during a wet season.  This is another symbol of Australian endurance in harsh environments.

Limited Edition Size:  50


Sunrise on Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Some early morning clouds provided just the right amount of drama for this image to work.  I combined the morning light with a symmetrical arrangement of 7 trees mother nature happened to prepare for me.  It's amazing what can be found when we see with an open mind.

Limited Edition Size:  50



Morning light on ABC Range, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

I had no idea the Flinders Ranges had so much to offer in terms of spectacular mountain ranges.  This was captured along the ABC Range and was another amazing discovery on my Flinders trip.  This rolling scene appears very different from much of Australia, with a European feel to the rising mountains in the background.  I allowed the morning light to paint the landscape which picked out the warm tones in the dry vegetation.  Shot on 6x17cm transparency film.

Limited Edition Size:  50



The Simple Life, Burra, South Australia

This image is about peering into Australia's country and early farming history.  Vast areas of flat land and rolling grass hills surround the small and historic town of Burra.  This particular hut is similar many in the region, but stands out due to its simple and clean backdrop and being one of the rare ones that is still well preserved.  You can't help but imagine in your mind's eye - a farmer stepping out the front door of his hut many decades ago and relishing his relationship with the land, not to mention the view.

Limited Edition Size:  50


Road to enlightenment, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Something I tell people when they ask how I 'got into photography' is that photography was never the intention.  It's simply the tool I chose to best express my love for the beautiful places in this world.  This print represents one of those luminant moments where everything suddenly becomes clear.  It's a constant reminder that nature is a frontier for constant exploration and growth, just like ourselves.  This slightly more philosophical undertone comes through in this painterly image of Bunyeroo Valley, shot before sunrise, with the road drawing you into the heart of the Flinders Ranges.  Photographed on 6x17cm transparency film.

Limited Edition Size:  50



Dawn on the Heysen Range, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

The most vivid dawn colours I witnessed in South Australia was on this morning looking out to the impressive Heysen Range within the central Flinders Ranges.  It still amazes me that such a steep rock formation was formed more than twice as long ago (~500 million years) as the age of the dinosaurs (a mere ~230 million years ago).  Yet another reminder of the geological history Australia holds and why National Parks like these must be preserved.

The most interesting thing about sunrise is that you never know what you're going to get in terms of colours.  I had my camera setup and all of a sudden a burst of glowing pink light radiated onto this scene for a few minutes of this rare and transcendent experience.  Photographed on 6x17cm transparency film.

Limited Edition Size:  50


Aerial view of Heysen Range, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

A different angle of the Heysen Range - an amazing mountain formation from hundreds of millions of years ago - shot at dawn from the air.  This shot required some negotiation with the pilot for a pre-dawn takeoff on a dirt runway in very low light conditions.  With the door off, it enabled me to photograph with such a wide angle without having the wing in shot.  It was still dark enough to realise there was more colour in the scene than the human eye could detect at the time.  The sun quickly rose and I only had one pass at this shot travelling roughly 200km/h before the painterly quality of light deteriorated and hardened by the second pass.  Luckily I composed this frame the first time round.

Limited Edition Size:  50



Alligator Gorge, Mount Remarkable National Park, South Australia

Close to Melrose is Mount Remarkable National Park and Alligator Gorge, recommended to me for a visit by some friends.  A walk through the short gorge is a fascinating experience through history and geology.  The angles in which these trees grow is another tribute to their adaptability in surviving.  It was raining much of the day, but when it stopped, it provided the flat light which I was wanting in order to softly light this spot within the gorge and the stillness of the water required for the reflections.

Limited Edition Size:  50


Brachina Reflection, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

At first glance this scene could be mistaken for somewhere in Yosemite National Park, that's until you notice the orange rock, gum trees and creek bed.  The location is Brachina Gorge, a very unique landscape.  In the wet season or during big storms these creeks transform into raging rivers which sweep away unexperienced drivers trying to cross them.  Luckily I was able to make this image before some big storms began to develop.  A composition made from shapes was used in tandem with the yellow-blue complimentary colours to let this image come together beautifully.

Limited Edition Size:  50



Clouds & Dunes, Flinders Ranges, SA

Sand dunes continually change shape, size and form at the whim of direction and strength of the wind.  Therefore the opportunity for unique images is everpresent as this scene no longer exists in this form.  I also sensed a storm approaching from kilometres off in the distance, and waited for it to approach.  There was an eery stillness before evidence of strong winds swept toward me.  This shot was taken moments before it became a dark sand storm.  Therefore the image becomes a document of something which was changing so quickly, and constantly in transition.

Limited Edition Size:  50



Desert Storm, Flinders Ranges, SA

On this memorable day a clear blue sky was transformed into a dark storm, blocking all light except for a few rays from the sun in the distance.  The effect appeared as an unforgettable yellow glow on the horizon, graduating to dark clouds closer to where I was standing.  This was a special moment experiencing another side of mother nature's power.

Limited Edition Size:  50


Outback Pub, Riverina District, NSW

One Tree Hotel, originally named the One Tree Inn, located 38 kms from Hay, stands isolated on the One Tree Plains with flat grassland as far as the eye can see.  The hotel was originally built in 1862, and was destroyed by a fire in 1903, and then rebuilt exactly as it was.  It operated as a thriving watering-place until 1942 when its licence was allowed to lapse.  I felt compelled to document the hotel, given its importance as a historical building and its link to pastoral settlement in the Riverina District.

Limited Edition Size:  50




Wilpena Pound luminism, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

This day was a very surreal experience.  Having driven up and down the West side of the Flinders trying to anticipate the weather, I eventually had to stop to ride out 100-120km/h wind gusts and torrential rain.  Once safe to drive again, the landscape was transformed into puddles and flash floods.  The sun shot through the clouds and I quickly managed to make it down to Wilpena Pound and the humidity and heat (and flies) began to rise rapidly.  Within minutes the puddles had disappeared but the storm clouds remained.  Sun rays were spotlighting Wilpena Pound's texture and the damp foreground became more saturated after the rain.  The summation of these conditions resulted in very unique image of Wilpena Pound.  Photographed on 6x17cm transparency film.

Limited Edition Size:  25


Recent Awards

  • A few weeks ago I went to Melbourne for the 2012 Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards.  This year I received 2 Silver awards for 2 images shot on 6x17cm film.
  • This year I again entered the 2012 Epson International Pano Awards.  Of the 12 images I entered, 11 received awards.


Road-testing the PhaseOne IQ160

In April I was able to borrow a PhaseOne IQ160 - a 60 megapixel state-of-the-art medium format camera - from L&P Digital in Sydney.  I was very curious as to the image quality this camera was capable of producing, and it didn't disappoint.  However, to thoroughly test whether the camera would suit my requirements, I organised a trip to the NSW Southern Highlands in the peak of Autumn and photographed the Autumn colours here in Canberra.

A brief note: A question I get asked a lot is "which camera should I buy?" and my answer is always "it doesn't really matter".  A principle I always remember is that great work is always achieved by a person, not a tool.  However, if you have a clear idea of your goal, then the right tool will enable you to achieve that goal more effectively or more efficiently.  This principle applies to any industry, not just photography!

The PhaseOne systems represent where I might take my photography in the future.  The panoramic medium format film I shoot really does hold up to the test, however its limitation will always be the dynamic range it can capture (range of contrast in any given scene).  The PhaseOne's resolution, combined with its dynamic range, opens up some new possibilities for capturing the natural world, but all traditional principles still apply - it's evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary.

I will be in the post-production phase of these images over Winter, and look forward to releasing a few around Spring this year.

Best regards,





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