Chris Morrison is a landscape artist who travels to, explores and photographs beautiful natural landscapes.  With an impressive list of international and prestigious awards, Chris has crafted his own unique style which focuses on bringing viewers and collectors majestic scenes with dramatic light from around the world.  His stunning prints can be purchased only via his exclusive online gallery as Limited Edition Masterpieces.


"I feel very privileged to have sold my Limited Edition Prints to fellow landscape admirers and landscape photography lovers and collectors around the world - including here in Australia, Europe and the United States.  I live in the beautiful city of Canberra, Australia.


My goal is for my photographs to take people to do a different place and, just for a few minutes, escape life's stresses, appreciate the beautiful world they live in and fuel their inspiration to do great things."


Tropical Sunrise on Clifton Beach, Queensland



This website is my online gallery, a place for purchasing my Limited Edition Prints, and for my news and thoughts on photography.






- Finalist - International Landscape Photographer of the Year - 2014

- Finalist, Landscape Category - Epson AIPP ACT Professional Photography Awards - 2014

- Gold Award with Distinction, 2 Silver Awards with Distinction, 2 Silver Awards - Epson AIPP ACT Professional Photography Awards - 2014

- 2 Silver Awards, 2 images in top 50 placing images - International Loupe Awards - 2013

- 3 Silver Awards - Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - 2013

- Finalist and 3 Awards - Medium Format Art Prize - 2013

- 3 Awards and 21st in top 50 placing images - International Loupe Awards - 2012

- 2 Silver Awards - Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - 2012

- 3 Awards - Creative Asia Awards - 2012

- Winner, AIPP ACT 2012 Epson Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year - 2012

- 11 Awards - Epson International Pano Awards - 2012

- 4 Awards, International Loupe Awards - 2011

- Finalist, NSW Plein Air Photographic Prize - 2011

- Gold Award, 2 Silver Awards - Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - 2011

- 5 Awards, Epson International Pano Awards - 2011

- Finalist, Gold Award, Silver Award & 2 x Bronze Awards - 2010 International Aperture Awards

- Special Mention - Banff Mountain Photography Competition - 2010

- Ranked 13th in Top 50 Scoring Images - Epson International Photographic Pano Awards (over 2500 images, from 845 photographers in 79 countries) - 2010

- 3 Awards - New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography Iris Awards - 2010

- A Silver with Distinction Award & Silver Award - Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - 2010

- 5 Awards - Epson International Photographic Pano Awards - 2010

- Joint Winner - Epson ACT AIPP Landscape Professional Photographer of the Year - 2010

- 5 Silver Awards - Epson 2010 ACT Professional Photography Awards - 2010

- Emerging Artist - Vivid National Photography Festival – 2008

- 2 Silver Awards - Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - 2007





"Chris' stuff is awesome!  I wish I could do what he does."

Ken, California, United States (


"What a birthday present from my wonderful wife (an Eiger photo). Chris, from my point of view you have the ability to capture God’s creation through your own eyes for the benefit of others.  I look forward to seeing more work as you travel this wonderful world."
Steve, New South Wales, Australia


"Wow Chris, just went through your gallery.  Now I can see why you got up in the wee hours of the morning to capture those pics.  They are really incredible, the essence of capturing a month's worth of beauty in a few precious moments."

Michael, British Columbia, Canada


"Your photos are amazing!!! The wow factor is there."

Sue, South Island, New Zealand


"I treated myself to his Moreno Glacier for my birthday. Can't wait to get it framed! If you think it's nice online, wait until you see it printed!  Prepare to be blown away."

Bec, Texas, United States


"Congratulations on your amazing photographs.  I will tell people I have one of your wonderful photos of Minnamurra Rainforest on my wall."

Margaret, Sydney, Australia


"Gorgeous work!!  I’ve been photographing and taking snaps for 40 years because I simply enjoy it.  The depth, color and perspective you bring are absolutely stunning."

Steve, Dallas, United States


"Love your work - you have inspired me greatly."

Peter, Canberra, Australia


"I love the photos from Slovenia, Scotland and South America the best.  You have some amazing shots."

Sorin, Hawaii, United States



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The same morning I captured "Glacial dawn, Blue Lake, NSW"



Shooting in the Swiss Alps...




En route to Cerro Fitzroy at 2:45am...



Self-portrait after capturing this photo...




shooting with the Linhof from a heli...



Me and "The Hoff"

(one of my cameras - a German Linhof 617 S III Technorama)







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