2013 Summer Newsletter - 4 new images, Canberra 100 and 6 international awards







Lone Carillon, Canberra, ACT





Highlights of this post:

- involvement in PhotoAccess Canberra 100 project

- 6 international awards

- 4 new image releases



Involvement in PhotoAccess Canberra 100 project

My new release image, Lone Carillon, Canberra, ACT, has been selected to be included in an exhibition later and will be published in a book later this year.  Both of these highlights are part of '100 Views of Canberra',  a project being coordinated by PhotoAccess.  The project involves 100 images of Canberra, by 100 Canberra based photographers, leaving the subject open to interpretation.  I shot the new image during one of the many cold and foggy mornings of Winter 2012.


I'll keep you updated as the event and book come closer to release.



6 International Awards

In late 2012, I entered the International Loupe Awards, and amongst photographers from countries all across the globe, received 2 Silver Awards for images soon to be released and 1 Bronze Award from my 3 entries.  I also placed 21st in the top 50 scoring images in the landscape category with one of my most unique images, soon to be released.


The other 3 awards (1 Silver, 2 Bronze) were received in another related international competition I entered for the first time - the 2013 Medium Format Art Prize.  Although most of the industry now exclusively captures their images on digital sensors, I am one of few exceptions who still uses both, depending on the scene and desired final result.  Therefore, amongst a field and industry of digital majority, I was happy to receive awards for all 3 images, 2 of which were shot on film on my 12 year old German Linhof 617 S III camera which was designed back in the '70s (before I was born), and 1 was shot on the latest series of digital PhaseOne medium format camera.


I was also recently notified that the image which received the Silver Award (soon to be released) was also  selected in the Medium Format Art Prize top 15 shortlist.  Being part of the shortlist means it is part of an exhibition in Melbourne around March this year - more news to come on this.



4 New Image Releases





Lone Carillon, Canberra, ACT


Winter in Canberra, albeit a little uncomfortable due to having to get out of bed on freezing mornings, really is a beautiful time of year.  Canberra can delight those who brave the chilly morning air with unique sunrises and fog formations.  More often than not when photographing landscapes, you need to not only be in the right place at the right with the right light, but also have luck on your side.  On this morning Canberra was blanketed with low-lying fog, and the iconic Carillon remained above it like an obelisk reminder of Canberra’s icons, amongst an otherwise unrecognisable setting.

Limited Edition Size:  50










Highland Fog, Carrington Gorge, NSW



One of the beautiful aspects of the Southern Highlands is the unpredictable weather and, in particularly, fog you can encounter throughout the year.  Having been to this location a few times previously, I was impressed with the grand view down the gorge, but was never satisfied with the light, until this day.  Shooting in rain is the only way to capture these special moments, and at times the scene was a complete whiteout from the fog.  I waited for quite some time before the sun and fog moulded itself into what I felt was just the right aesthetic to complement the mood of the scene on this day.

Captured on a 60 megapixel digital medium format camera.

Limited Edition Size:  25







Awakening Elder Range, Flinders Ranges, South Australia


The painterly Elder Range awakens to a unique sunrise which paints the landscape with soft colours.  This image has 3 layers - the gumtrees lining a small creek, the rolling plains leading to the steep rise, and the impressive Elder Range itself under an old-world sky.  All of these elements give this panorama a distinct feel.

The Elder Range was named after Sir Thomas Elder, a Scottish-Australian pastoralist, successful businessman, philanthropist, politician and race-horse owner and breeder.  It is noted that at one time he held a pastoral area greater than the whole of Scotland.  What a tribute it is to him to have his name given to this stunning mountain range.

Captured on one 6x17cm film transparency frame.







Morning Glow, Hunter Valley, NSW


During my first trip to the Hunter Valley, I was taken by the region's beauty and laid back lifestyle.  After driving past more than 100 vineyards trying to capture that feeling in the perfect shot, I decided to come back to this one.  With an elevated position, one can gain a great view over the acres of vines below, just moments after the fog had risen.  I had to wait for a perfectly still morning, which allowed everything to remain in crisp focus.  It was one of the most memorable mornings of my life, capturing the peacefulness and unique agricultural prosperity of the Hunter Valley.

Limited Edition Size:  50










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