2012 Spring Newsletter - 13 New Releases across New South Wales, Victoria and Slovenia







Moonset at sunrise, Kosciusko National Park, NSW


Something which happens quite rarely is the setting of the moon at the exact time of the rising of the sun.  The previous night the opposite had occured at sunset so I knew there was potential for something special this morning.  Luckily it was a clear night, and I placed the moon above the Ramshead Range, left of Australia's highest peak, Mount Kosciusko, on the far right of the photo.

Limited Edition Size:  50



Welcome to my 2012 Spring Newsletter


In this newsletter I'm excited to show you a new set of images I've just finished and released.


Over Winter I've been busy making a few camping trips to Kosciusko National Park, and working through the post-processing phase for many images which have been gradually progressing through the progressive image-creation process.  Previously I've written about my process in creating fine art landscape photographs, therefore I don't release many images per year.  I prefer to focus on creating the very best images I can, and by maintaining that standard of 'less is more', it makes each limited edition image more exclusive.  If you'd like to view some of these images, and more behind the scenes photos, I post regularly to my facebook page.


Even though I usually do multiple trips per year, I like to leave images for a period of time after capture, before I re-visit the images I've shot, begin the selection process and decide on the final image.  Sometimes this is months, and occasionally it can be a period of even years, exemplified through the 2 new shots from Slovenia, shot in 2009.  This allows me to detach myself from the emotion and excitement of being there and enables me to be more objective in my assessment of what I really want to convey from the scene or location in the image.  As you know, only the best images are selected, and from these, a small few are released as limited edition prints.


I have decided to further limit all of my most recent editions to only 50 prints.


Camping in the snowy mountains is a very powerful experience.  There's nothing quite like the silence of a windless, freezing night in the mountains.  But the best part is awakening to a transformation of the landscape from the harsh light during the day, to rich, warm and soft colours painting the snow.  It certainly makes the -10°C temperatures that little more bearable.  It's also a reminder we can find immense beauty in these special moments.  Yes, it may be a lot of effort to experience those moments, but I believe we need to disconnect from our world of digital comfort every once in a while and feed the soul with nature's bounty.



13 New Image Releases





Star trails over Ramshead Range, NSW


Camping on Ramshead Range this cold and cloudless night was an opportunity I had long waited for to capture the Milky Way's glory.  In this image I have frozen the stars in their position, and then used multiple exposures to capture and track their circular progress around the South cellestial pole at short intervals.  Additionally you peer up into the stratosphere and it feels like you are close to entering space.  This technique combines multiple points in time to compress time and starlight into an image which is not viewable to the naked eye.

Limited Edition Size:  50



- 7 new images from Kosciusko National Park, NSW

- 2 new images from Bled, Slovenia

- 2 new images from the Southern Highlands, NSW

- 1 new image from Great Otway National Park, Victoria

- 1 new image from the Northern Beaches, NSW



Click here to view all the new images in my online gallery under latest work:




Ordering dates for Christmas

Within Australia: 5 December.

Internationally: 30 November.


Ordering before these dates will ensure your limited edition print is delivered before Christmas.




Recent Awards


This year I entered the 2012 Creative Asia Awards for the first time, and added another 3 awards to the list from the 3 images I entered.  The next competition I've entered is the 2012 International Loupe Awards, which will holding judging later this month.



What's next?


I am working on some very special images to be released in or before my summer newsletter.  More to come on this soon.


I'm also in the process of planning my trip calendar for 2013, with more locations to discover for my first time, and hopefully some overseas locations.

Best regards,





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